Piano Benches for Sale: A Consumers Guide to Purchasing a Piano Bench

  • kurt
  • August 5, 2010 2:38 am

Piano benches for sale come in a variety of models and styles. Before purchasing, determine how and when you will use your piano bench and select the most appropriate model for your conditions. It’s also advisable to determine your budget and how much you plan to spend before deciding which model to buy as prices will vary depending upon the style and size of the bench.

Several distinct models of piano benches for sale exist, including adjustable, common duet, double, leather and swivel stools. The most commonly sold piano bench is the adjustable, many pianists also opt for the model that has music storage. Materials can vary some more inexpensive models being made of vinyl leatherette with the more expensive models being made from genuine leather covering.

After you purchase your new piano bench, the assembly is quite easy. Most piano benches for sale online are shipped pre-assembled and only require the legs to be fastened. To assemble your new bench, just unpack the legs, and securely bolt them to the underside of the bench carriage. Routine maintenance of your piano bench will include tightening the legs every six months or depending upon usage. If you piano bench becomes dusty or had light grime or dust, you can use a cotton cloth lightly dampened with water to remove.

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